Early Voting

Early Voting is for all eligible voters who wish to vote before Election Day. Early Voting starts twenty days prior to the Election and closes five (5) days before Election Day. All voters must present a TN or U.S. issued ID containing the voter’s name and photograph when voting at the polls, whether voting early or on Election Day. The exemptions are those voting by absentee, hospitalized, and in a licensed nursing home. Valid photo ID includes: a TN driver license, U.S. Passport, TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security  photo ID, photo ID issued by the Federal government or TN state government, such as an employee ID from the U.S. Department of Energy with your photo, U.S. Military photo ID, including a Veteran Identification Card, TN handgun carry permit card with your photo. A college photo ID is not a valid ID for voting purposes. All Early Voting will be at the Election Commission Office located off South Willow Avenue at 705 County Services Dr.

**Early Voting Dates for the May 1, 2018 Election:**
          April 11, 2018 through April 26, 2018



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If you are unable to appear at your polling place on Election Day, or during the Early Voting period at the office, you may request a by-mail ballot for the following reasons. (First time voters who registered by mail are NOT allowed to vote absentee the first time. You can call the office at 526-2566 if you are in doubt.)

1. You are 60 years of age or older;

2. A physician has filed a statement with the county Election Commission stating that, in the physician's judgment, the voter is medically unable to vote in person. The statement must be filed with the Election Commission not less than seven (7) days before the election and signed under the penalty of perjury. Click here for more information.

3. You will be out of the county of registration during the Early Voting period and all day on Election Day;

4. You are a student (or spouse of a student) enrolled in an accredited college or university located inside Tennessee and outside the county of registration;

5. You are a resident of a licensed Nursing Home which is outside the county;

6. You are hospitalized, ill or disabled and therefore cannot vote in person, then call the office for details;

7. You are the caretaker of a hospitalized, ill, or disabled person;

8. You are a Candidate for an office in the Election;

9. You are serving on a state or federal jury;

10. You are an Election Official in the Election or an employee of the Election Commission;

11. You are observing a religious holiday;

12. You have a Commercial Drivers License, CDL (or are the spouse of a person possessing a CDL) or you have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), and will be out of the county during the Early Voting period and all day on Election Day, & have no specific out-of-county or out-of-state address to receive mail during this time. You must enclose a copy of your CDL or your spouse's CDL or TWIC card.  The CDL # is __________________

13. You are a member of the military or you are an overseas citizen. (Complete a Form76, see below)

If your request contains the following information, a ballot will be mailed to you.

Description: \\\d$\WebSites\Putnamco\election\checkred.gifREQUEST FORM FOR ABSENTEE BALLOT Click Here

If your request is incomplete for any reason,
an official application must be mailed to you and returned to our office before a ballot can be processed.  Only the request for ballot may be faxed to this number (931) 526-8724, e-mailed with an attached document that includes a scanned signature or hand delivered to our office. The delivery and return of the "ballot" must be done through the US mail. If you have problems please contact our office at (931) 526-2566.

Last day to receive request for by-mail voting or doctors statements is seven days prior to the Election. Your request must be in the office by the close of business that day.

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 A "Standard Form 76" is the appropriate application from armed forces, their spouses and any overseas voters. This form may be obtained from their Postal Services or 
Description: \\\d$\WebSites\Putnamco\election\checkred.gifClick Here for a Request Form 76.

Complete the Form 76, and fax it to 931-526-8724, e-mail it with an attached document that includes a scanned signature, hand deliver it to our office or mail it to: Putnam County Election Commission; 705 County Services Drive; Cookeville, TN 38501.

The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) amendment was signed by the President on October 28, 2009. This changed the length of time the Form 76 is effective in our office. In order for the voter to receive absentee ballots for any regularly scheduled election, the voter must submit a new Form 76 EACH calendar year. The Form 76 is now only effective for one (1) calendar year. On the forms, you must indicate a party preference if you wish to vote in any primary Elections.

Absentee ballots for the armed forces and overseas voters are mailed early. The ballots will be sent by mail, (unless you have requested to receive yours by e-mail) and must be received by mail, on or by Election Day, to be counted in the State of Tennessee. You will receive 'return envelopes' for the ballots, with no postage required.  If you request your ballot by e-mail, you must be able to print the ballot out and have two envelopes available for the ballot return.

If you are a previously registered voter here, you may fax a letter of request, for each election, as is explained in "Absentee Voting" or we will accept the Form 76 from armed forces personnel, and use that as your request/application. Once again, all delivery and return of the ballot must be done through the US mail.

If  you need further information our e-mail address is:  elections@putnamco.org. We will reply as soon as we can. Also you may check out the website for the Federal Voting Assistance Program

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Federal FailSafe Voting procedures for voters who have moved within the county:

According to the 1993 Federal Voter Registration Act, all voters must vote in the precinct where they reside.

If you do not update your address information before going to vote you must complete a "FailSafe Voting Affidavit" declaring your new residential address. Election Officials will review this information to ensure you vote the proper ballot at your proper location.

         If you have moved within your precinct, you will vote the same ballot.

         If you have moved to a precinct outside your old precinct, Election Officials will issue you a pass to take to your new precinct.

         During Early Voting, your address will be changed and you will be allowed to vote the ballot for your new precinct.

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