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All petitions must be obtained from the Putnam County Election Commission Office. Petitions will be issued beginning 90 days before the qualifying deadline. Petitions may be received by mail, however, we suggest that either you or your agent file in person. If mailed, the petitions must be in the Election Commission Office by the deadline time of 12:00 noon. A timely postmark is not acceptable.

No photocopies of petitions will be accepted. Additional copies of a petition must be obtained from the Election Commission Office if the candidate circulates more than one petition.

Twenty-five (25) eligible nominating signatures are required. Eligible refers to persons who are registered to vote and would be qualified to vote for the candidate. We recommend that you obtain at least forty-five (45) signatures due to the fact that some people may not be registered or may have become ineligible to vote.

Voters signing your petition should sign their name as it is listed on their voter registration. Voters signing the petition must list their correct residential address including the city. A post office box number will not be accepted as an address.

Individuals who wish to withdraw their nominating petition have one week to do so. A written request with the candidate's original signature must be filed prior to 12:00 noon, 7 days after the qualifying deadline, at the Putnam County Election Commission.

Only the names of candidates that have met all the necessary qualifications shall be placed on the ballot. All petitions must be filed before the 12:00 noon deadline date.

Our phone number is: 526-2566

Candidate Disclaimer Law

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Election Date


Qualifying    Deadline  Date


First Date to Pick up Petitions


Offices to be Elected


May 1, 2018

County Primary


February 15, 2018

(12:00 NOON)


November 17, 2017



County Executive; County Commissioners - Districts 1-12; Trustee; Sheriff; Circuit Court Clerk; County Clerk; Register of Deeds; Road Supervisor

August 2, 2018

State Primary and
County General

April 5, 2018

(12:00 NOON)
For Both Primary and Independent Candidates for the State Election
and County General Offices
 which have no primary


January 5, 2018
For State/Federal Primary
and County General Offices
which have no primary


Governor; U.S. Senate; U.S. House, 6th District; TN Senate, 15th District;  TN House, 25th District; TN House, 42nd District; County Executive; County Commissioners - Districts 1-12; Trustee; Sheriff; Circuit Court Clerk; County Clerk; Register of Deeds; Road Supervisor; School Board Members - Districts 2,4,& 6; City of Algood - Mayor & 2 Council Members; Town of Baxter - 2 Aldermen; City of Cookeville - 5 Councilpersons; Town of Monterey - Mayor & 4 Aldermen

November 6, 2018
Federal and State
General Election

See Above


See Above


Governor; U.S. Senate; U.S. House, 6th District; TN Senate, 15th District; TN House, 25th District; TN House 42nd District

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County Services Drive Regulations

No signs may be placed on County Services Drive. The county's right of way is 60', that is 30' from the center of the drive each way. The property behind the county's right of way is owned by an individual in the county. You must ask permission.   No one may stand on County Services Drive's right of way.

1.There shall be no solicitation of any manner that would impede the flow of traffic on County Services Drive.

2.It shall be improper for any user of County Services Drive to stop along said road for the purpose of receiving a solicitation for any purpose.

Sign  Regulations

At the conclusion of a primary, general or special Election, candidates are responsible for the removal of any signs, posters, or placards advocating their candidacy that have been placed on highway right-of-ways or other publicly-owned property. The removal of such materials shall be accomplished within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed three (3) weeks. (TCA 2-1-116)

No political signs can be placed on school property until school has ended and school traffic cleared on the day prior to an election.  The signs must be removed from school property before the next school day begins following an election.  If signs are not removed before the start of the school day following an election, the Director of Schools can have them removed.  Otherwise, a candidate in a primary Election who will be a candidate in the following general Election will not be required to remove any signs until the conclusion of the general or special Election. (Except for signs on school property.)

Cookeville  Zoning  Code  Which  Applies   to  Political  Signs:

207.3C  No sign shall be located on, or attached to, any public property except public signs authorized by the City of Cookeville or the State of Tennessee.

207.4D  Political signs can be displayed on private property with the consent of the owner. Such signs shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in sign face area. Any such sign that relates to an Election or other specific event shall be removed within fourteen (14) days after the completion of said election or event. The owner of the property on which the sign is located shall be responsible for its removal.

In a nutshell, signs are not permitted on city property and this includes utility poles as well as the City's right-of-ways (this also applies to any planters in the downtown area around the square and the west side). A good rule of thumb is to only place signs on private property, with the permission of the property owner, at least 15 feet from the edge of the street. Banners across city streets are not permitted. Please make sure your signs do not interfere with automobile or pedestrian visibility. City personnel are required to remove any signs that are in violation of the regulations; and we do get complaints about signs that are improperly placed.